Top 88+ Happy New Year 2019 Poems in Hindi and English – For Friends

Happy New Year 2020 is a time of fresh fantasies and fresh beginings in our lives, a time to observe a fresh frame of mind and discuss lovely minutes with your beloved ones. It is the ideal opportunity to display your friends and family just how much they mean to you personally and wish all of them the best chance for your upcoming calendar year. Possibly you consistently wished to really make the amazing second of New calendar year even much more special by simply expressing your warm wishes and greetings in an poetic fashion? Only take a look at our top collection of Happy New year poems 2020 and also allow them to discover the way you are feeling.

It is time to observe having a fresh slate. Anything is possible since the last does not issue. It has grown into a time to observe our romantic relationships with kissing in as soon as that the new calendar year begins. A number folks even observe by getting totally thrown away. Hey, do not knock it until you decide to try it. But please do not drink and drive. Celebrating the new year by saying Your life and also the lives of the others around the roads Aren’t important is not just life affirming

Happy New Year 2020 Poems for Friends:

The unlimited love you maintain inside
Makes New Year’s night a special one
Do not squander this fairly magic light
But on someone who wants none!

Be Certain this magic never finishes
Leave all of your distressed insecurities
Next year will soon be the happy one
Regardless of what, your life continues!

New Year is something Which Makes me sense
Your love for me is actual
I’ll secure this feeling deep inside
And give you everything that is mine!

New year Short Poems:

May the New Year bring love and joy
You need to learn how to delight in
Every moment with this special life
And leave behind your inner strife!

Begin this year with something fresh
Start morning with a honeydew
Play darts, paint bees, then develop trees, feed cats
New Year’s about changing habits!

I Would like to kiss one because the clock strikes twelve months,
To putout issues on a distant shelf
The things progress if you are here
Do not ever make an effort to disappear!

Funny New Year Poems:

Love is something that is unlimited
siphoned away all of my despair
Make next season a special time
Love of yours is always mine!

Even the Brand New Year’s night Arrives in our Residence
Makes happy every little mouse
I’m pleased to pay this night with you.
And convinced that you do feel it too!

Tonight your own eyes shine brighter than ever
Like endless glowing of those celebrities
Let us make New Year’s night last for ever
And rescue this night for two of us!

You want to learn how to delight in
Every moment of this special life
And leave behind your inner strife!
Wish You Now A very happy New Year 2020

Happy New Year Poems In Hindi:

Ordinarily, we state our own feelings and emotions in simple phrases but expressing them through Poems is really a amazing means to pour the warmth of their love, happy notions in poetic sort, which otherwise will really difficult to let in ordinary words. ” A screenplay is actually a beautiful type of revealing feelings to the others since it gives voice to a own thoughts, beliefs, views, along with opinions.Now Do not stress I will assist you in conveying your feelings, wishes and greeting to your loved ones. To produce it simple underneath I have listed a number of the latest and well-known Happy New Year 2020 Poems in Hindi.

दुनिया से आतंक मिटाएँ
सभी शांति के दीप जलाएँ
आतंक जग में जो फैलाते
उनको कहीं न मिले सहारा
स्वागत है नव वर्ष तुम्हारा

खेतों में फिर सोना बरसे
रोज़गार के अवसर निकलें
चहुँओर विकास की राह बनें
बह खुशियों की जीवन धारा
स्वागत है नव वर्ष तुम्हारा

स्व निर्भर हम तभी बनेंगे
लक्ष्य सामने कमर कसेंगे
आपस में अब नहीं लड़ेंगे
सदा करें भारत जयकारा
स्वागत है नव वर्ष तुम्हारा
सुरेशचंद्र शुक्ल ‘शरद आलोक’

नए वर्ष में नई पहल हो।
कठिन ज़िंदगी और सरल हो।।
अनसुलझी जो रही पहेली।
अब शायद उसका भी हल हो।।

जो चलता है वक्त देखकर।
आगे जाकर वही सफल हो।।
नए वर्ष का उगता सूरज।
सबके लिए सुनहरा पल हो।।

समय हमारा साथ सदा दे।
कुछ ऐसी आगे हलचल हो।।
सुख के चौक पुरें हर द्वारे।
सुखमय आँगन का हर पल हो।।
नए वर्ष की शुभकामनाएँ |

पहले भी प्रण कई लिए थे,
खुद से वादे कई किए थे,
जो भी पूरा कर न पाये,
पूरा अबके साल करेंगे।
नए साल|

नई उमंगे नई आशाएँ
अंधकार में कर उजियारा
स्वागत है नव वर्ष तुम्हारा

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